Arts & Metiers Museum

From the hotel: 4 mins on foot - 3 mins by bike

It couldn’t be closer to the hotel. The Arts et Métiers Museum is an unusual museum in Paris where you can discover the genius of inventors and engineers.

Its many rooms feature themed exhibitions of objects and machines of all kinds. The Great Staircase is overlooked by aviator Clément Ader’s plane No. 3, heralding the museum’s Transport section.
During the annual Heritage Days, the museum offers fun tours for children and demonstration workshops. You can learn about the history of the Lumière brothers and the birth of cinema, for example. The showcases in the rooms display a multitude of objects that have marked the major stages in our history and illustrate the genius of the inventors.

All areas of technology and engineering are represented in the Arts and Métiers Museum. Among the must-sees are scientific instruments, construction, mechanics and the impressive Theatre of Automata. As you move from room to room, you’ll discover how everyday objects and totally unusual ones were thought up, dreamed up, designed and then produced.
In front of the display case showing the history of telecommunications, you may be moved to recall your first telephone or even the Minitel.

From the hotel, it only takes a few minutes, or even a quick walk across the street, to reach this incredible museum.